Friday, 5 September 2014

Studio Miniatures and Artizan Afghans compared

Artizan far left and right.  Studio Miniatures in the centre

I decided on Thursday morning that I was going to order a sample pack of Studio Miniatures Afghans.  I had bought into their Sikh Wars Kickstarter (and no, I haven't even based any yet) and these figures were quite slim so I didn't have great hopes of them being compatible with Artizan's chunky figures.  Much to my amazement my sample pack arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it and I based them this evening to see how they compared. 

Now I am notoriously fussy about mixing figures from different manufacturers but these work perfectly and by the time they are painted I suspect it will be very difficult to tell them apart.  This is good news as Studio Miniatures have seven packs of Afghans, twenty six poses in total.  In many ways they are nicer, I think, than the Artizan ones in that they have, for example, daggers in their belts and the swordsmen have shields.  I will certainly be ordering more.  They also do eight packs of British, including a nice mounted command set so these will be worth investigating too!  Very pleased!


  1. I'd never heard of Studio Miniatures before, so thanks for bringing them to my attention. Just ordered some Afghans to go with the Artizan ones!

    1. They are very nice. The British infantry are from 1898, of course.